As a Lennar Associate, you have access to many different resources, such as discount programs and health coaches. Check out those resources and more here!

Lennar x WW: Healthier Habits Start Here
WeightWatchers has the support and tools you need to lose weight and still live your life. Lennar is proud to partner with WW to bring eligible Lennar Associates special discounted pricing. By joining through the Lennar program, you can take advantage of a subsidy reducing the cost of membership by 50%. Visit to learn more and join today! To learn on how WW’s new program is inspiring healthy habits for real life click here.

As science evolves, WeightWatchers innovates to connect you with a science-backed, modern approach to healthier living. Sign up now for as low as $9.75 per month on select plans.

New to WW, What to Eat, a new WW tool that helps you navigate a life of loving food–while you boost healthy habits to reach your goals. And it’s always there for you, no matter where the day takes you. Register here!

Introducing: Gympass x Lennar

Gympass is a new fitness benefit that gives you access to gyms and studios PLUS at-home workouts and wellness resources — all for one monthly fee. Click here to learn more.

Click here for free monthly live events, which Gympass brings to you virtually at the convenience of your tablet, phone or computer.

Now available on Gympass is MyFitnessPal – nutrition coach, meal planner and food diary – convenient in one place. Empower the healthiest version of yourself with the MyfitnessPal Premium, included in the Gympass experience. Click here to learn more.

Check out these maps of participating gyms and studios as part of Gympass near Irvine, California, Irving, Texas, Houston, Texas and Miami, Florida.

We want to hear from you!
At Lennar we want to bring together our community to show how Associates are committing to BE. ALL. IN and taking advantage of the Well-Being Max program.

Lennar wants to showcase YOU! How are you participating in our Well-Being Max program? Submit pictures of how you are utilizing the Sharecare platform. Tell us how you are participating in our rewarding challenges at Share a success story of how the Well-Being Max program has positively affected your well-being. You can be featured on our “Community” page!

Click here to share your success story of how Well-Being Max program has positively affected your well-being. We will feature your story to inspire others.

Lennar x Pet Insurance by Metlife
Lennar is pleased to offer Pet Insurance through MetLife as a benefit to all Lennar Associates. Metlife Pet Insurance helps cover the costs of vet visits, accidents, illness and more. As a reimbursement program, as long as the care is provided by a licensed veterinarian, you may be able to receive up to 100% of covered veterinary care expenses. Click here for additional information.

Our Health. Our Future. Our Choice.

As a Lennar Associate, we don’t just want you to have good health benefits. We want you to Be. All. In.

What does it mean to Be. All. In.? It means when it comes to your well-being, you are
Committed – Engaged – Proactive

Many of us have been taught to see well-being strictly as an indicator of physical health — like how well we can manage our diet or exercise. But well-being is so much more than that! Your overall well-being is determined by multiple factors that affect you as a person. They include not just the physical, but the emotional, environmental, financial, and social as well.

Be. COMMITTED – Commit to having the “All. In.” mentality when it comes to your well-being, and understand that your quality of life is determined by much more than just your pants size.

Be. ENGAGED. – Know what resources you have access to that can help you reach your well-being goals, and engage those resources in a way that works for you.

Be. PROACTIVE. – We want you to be the very best version of yourself. Well-being looks differently for each person because we are all different; and that is a wonderful truth. Proactively seek what well-being looks like for you, and go after it!

So what’s in it for you? Simple — a better quality of life! You will feel better, be more productive, and as a result, Lennar can become a leader as one of the healthiest places to work. Remember, well-being only works if YOU are All. In. It’s Your health. Your future. Your choice.

Are You In?

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